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Sunday – Wrap up

So the feeding schedule is going OK.  They get 1/4 cup each in the morning and the same at night.  However, they weren’t eating when I would put the food down.  Patrick visibly lost weight so I caved a little bit.  I still have them on the schedule but I mix in a little bit of plain yogurt and now they devour the food.  I’m very pleased and no longer worried.

On our walk today we hit a new grassy area.  Previously this area had just been a round ring of dirt and Jack was very pleased with the grass!

Good start to a new year!

We had a very productive day today!  We started at the dog park, but that was a giant fail. There was a HUGE dog in the small section of the park.  The owner insisted it didn’t like big dogs and would only play with little dogs.  Sadly, it liked to play rough with the little dogs. We had to leave.  Luckily there are some hiking trails around there so we went for a nice walk instead.

When we got home, I did some tidying up and the boys helped me with laundry!

Hope everyone had a good day!

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Everyone! Last year I had 4 resolutions…
1. Be Healthier: This year was hectic! Eating right and exercising kind of fell by the way side. Jared, Jack and I are all too heavy and need to lose some pounds! Patrick needs to fatten up! Mostly Fail Patrick is at a very healthy weight, but the rest of us are still too heavy. Eating has been mostly take out and fast food. Hopefully implementing routine in the boys life will help implement some better habits in my own. This resolution stays for this coming year.

2. Save Money: We want to buy a house this year, so we need to save, save, save. It’s totally doable as long as we don’t spend frivolously. Mostly Pass As most of you know, we did get our first house this year. I’d still like to save some money. Our emergency fund is in bad shape – but overall we are doing pretty well! Saving money never hurts!

3. Be more consistent about walking/exercising the dogs. I am going to make sure they get out more – its good for them and for me! Mostly Pass Living in our house has made walking the dogs and letting them out so much easier. There are more places to walk and play! Seeing as Jack needs to lose weight I’ll have to increase this some more, but overall I feel good about the improvement!

4. Be better about staying in contact with friends and family. I want to write everyone at least once a week. I was really bad about it this year. Giant Epic Fail I talk to my mom regularly, but everyone else kind of goes by the wayside. Hopefully my brother having a new baby soon will bring me around to staying in touch better. I must do better here. Family is important!

  For 2010 I am going to focus on:

  • Health Needs to have a more important role in human and dog lives.  I would like everyone to be healthy and happy.
  • More family contact.  Living 3000miles away from home is not a good reason – technology makes things easy!
  • Be tidier around the house – if I do a little bit everyday it should never be a huge job!
  • POST MORE! I sure did slack for a while there.

What are you guys doing for new year? Any fun plans or resolutions? 

Finally I leave you with a slideshow of some of our favourite pictures of 2009!

Wordless Wednesday


Feeding Schedule Fail

We are trying to put the dogs on a feeding schedule. We’ve been having bathroom issues lately (mainly, that they feel the carpet is their’s to pee on – jerks!) and Jack is fat. The easiest way to control both of these is to implement a food and water schedule. It seemed easy enough. Apparently two years of eating and drinking whenever they want has made a schedule confusing.

Poor Fat Jack - Schedules Suck!

We put the food and water down and leave them locked up with it for 30mins. They don’t get it. They aren’t eating nearly as much as they were before. I suppose this is good as Jack is fat – but it worries me. However, I don’t believe that they would starve themselves. Hopefully they catch on soon.

How do you guys eat? Free feed, on a schedule, auto feeder, from the table?