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2009 so far.

2009 has been going well, all 4 days of it. The boys have been out every day, but as Jared points out, it only seems to make them more hyper! Does anyone remember the days when Jack was terrified to leave the apartment, and walking him was like torture?! Now I say “want to go […]

The Park again

It was a beautiful day today so I opted to take the boys to the park. This time I chose to go to the Whitnall Park as it has grass and the dogs LOVE grass. The catch is there are always about 239847 dogs there, and some people’s concept of small or timid dogs seems […]

Happy Birthday Patrick! (Happy Belated Birthday Jack!)

Today is Patrick’s Birthday! We woke up and went to the park. Then I went to the pet store and got the boys a few goodies. While Patrick worked on his puzzle toy, Jack supervised me setting up the Christmas tree. This is Jack’s second Christmas here with us, but Patrick’s first! After the tree, […]

We’re BACK!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the long – long delay! These past few months have been BUSY. I know everyone is busy, so that’s a bad excuse but something had to give. For a while it was the blog. Thank you for everyone who was asking about us, and showing concern. We are all going to […]

Stinkin Hot Saturday

Hey Everyone, how was your 4th of July? I hope every one had a great day and the fireworks were not too overwhelming. We were out for our nightly stroll when the fire works started banging. The boys were more interested in the hoards of people sitting IN the streets watching than the noises themselves.