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Castor and Pollux

I mentioned that a bit ago the boys were Castor and Pollux pets of the week. C&P sent us a wonderful goodie box. It was SO wonderful that the boys were reluctant to pose for me, therefore you guys get a blurry photo!

The goodies included:

Cheese Flavoured Organix Dog Cookies […]

Castor and Pollux Pet of the Week – Contest!

Castor and Pollux holds a contest for Pet of the Week. Monte was awarded the prize for this week and he reports that he won an amazing gift basket of Castor and Pollux goodies. If you are interested in some Castor and Pollux goodies – head on over!


Wilacre Park, Activate Drinks and a Dog Show

Today Jack and I hiked at Wilacre Park in Fryman Canyon. To start – this really highlighted how out of shape I am, YIKES! I’m sure doing this a few more times will get me on the road to recovery. On with the details!

The parking lot for this hike is located just […]

Free Samples – Greenies

Do you like free stuff? We sure do. Today we got our free Greenies samples in the mail. These were not the normal greenies, they were more like little cookies. They smelled minty and are supposed to help with stinky dog breath. The dogs like them, but I haven’t checked their breath yet. I might […]