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Same Old

I mentioned that Patrick had gotten into some gum. Next morning he wakes up with (TMI!!!) really really bad diarrhea. I started panicking that he was sick from the gum and looked up all the symptoms for xylitol poisoning. Runny poo is NOT one of the symptoms and he wasn’t exhibiting any others: fatigue, hypoglycemia, […]

Patrick gets the All-Clear

I totally forgot – at Patrick’s recheck his eye was 100% better. I can stop putting ointment on (thank doG!), but the vet said to keep it in case we need it again. I hope we don’t!

Patrick – CSI Dog

Well, Patrick is a magnet for for trouble. Today he and Jack were playing and next thing I know Patrick is rubbing at his eye and looking at me like a one eyed pirate. I called the vet and off we went. She did a Fluorescein stain which identifies abrasions, scratches, ulcerations and lacerations […]

Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool

I was checking out our pal Simba’s page and he offered some interesting tips on keeping cool. Seeing as it is once again a billion degrees, I thought I would look into other methods of keeping the boys cool.

I scoured the Internet and I found a few useful sites. The first one is titled: […]

Sweaters, Adoptions, Colds… Oh My!

The boys got new sweaters! I know, I know. It is summer in California. However, there was a brief time there where I thought the boys were going to have to winter in Canada. So I was getting prepared. Now that they won’t be wintering in the Great White North (except maybe for a Christmas […]