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1 Big Red Puffy Heart Award

Mercedes has bestowed the wonderful Big Red Puffy Heart Award on to the Boys.

They have debated and would like to pass it along to the following blogs:

– Rambo (and Midget Molly)

– Dobby at the Chihuahua Post

–Gus and Teka at On the Go with Gus



Enjoy […]

Fail Dogs – Featured Blog

Have you guys found faildogs.com yet? I find it very amusing.

Check out all the Fails at faildog.com

Today I Eat my Words

So the other day I was blogging about how I didn’t understand Dogster. I still don’t really “get” it, but what the heck. Showing off my cute pups can’t hurt right? So, without further ado….

Join the Dogster community

Join the Dogster community

While I was at it I made them a […]

Gymnastics Coaching – Blog Review

Everyday I have an online ritual. I log on, check my email and then check out my favourite websites. One site that has been steadily climbing up the list is Gymnastics Coaching. The site is updated frequently and has diverse coverage (as far as gymnastics goes). I also like that the author reads the […]

Your Pet’s Best Friend – An Entertaining Veterinary Blog

I have been referencing a blog lately called Your Pet’s Best Friend. The blog is about “a small town veterinarian [who] talks about pet care, veterinary medicine, and what happened today”. I find that a lot of his articles aim to make a point – often he illustrates the importance of his point with a […]