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Good News for Patrick

His Liver Shunt tests all came back with good news. He values were all normal. Hopefully this means it was a fluke reaction to the Tramadol. I was so happy to get the news.

Oh Reality TV

Seriously people – ShowDog Moms and Dads is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. I saw that it was on and shouted a victorious “YES!” I am going to pretend it is somewhat educational, but we know it’s not.

No Answers

Patrick is home from the hospital and is back to his old self. The problem is – no one is sure what went wrong. He was absolutely fine, had a nap and woke up in a terrible state. One thought is an allergic reaction to his pain meds – but he hadn’t had any […]

Bad News

Tonight Patrick took a turn for the worst… the very worst. He is now at an Animal Specialist Hospital at least over night on IV undergoing a battery of tests. They think maybe it is an adverse reaction to his pain medication – but it could be many other things. Please keep him in your […]

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