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Break Through

Today at the Griffith dog park we had a break through with Jack. It took a while, but he had a normal, polite interaction with another dog. We kept him on leash and focused until he was polite. He had to sit or lay down any time he showed any anxiety or bad behavior. After […]

Patrick – CSI Dog

Well, Patrick is a magnet for for trouble. Today he and Jack were playing and next thing I know Patrick is rubbing at his eye and looking at me like a one eyed pirate. I called the vet and off we went. She did a Fluorescein stain which identifies abrasions, scratches, ulcerations and lacerations […]

Nuts for Mutts

“Nuts for Mutts is an annual dog show and pet fair celebrating the best of the mutt. It’s just like the Westminster Dog show… okay, not really. In this show, mixed breed dogs compete in categories such as “Best Kisser,” “Fastest Eater,” “Most Vocal,” “Mystery Mutt” and more. It’s a day of fun and a […]

Book Review – It’s Me or the Dog

I recently ordered a few books from Amazon. I had to get one for work, so I got some dog ones also – it allowed me to qualify for super saving shipping. Ironically, they are being shipped separately. Today I received “IT’S ME OR THE DOG: HOW TO HAVE THE PERFECT PET” by Victoria […]

Puppy Love – Pt.2

Here are some more pictures of puppy love.