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Super Duper Saturday!

Today Rocks! To start, Jack had an appointment with the groomer. Everything went great and they said he is really easy to work with, which is nice to hear. PLUS, instead of a bandana, this time he came home with a tie! Their dad thinks it is ridiculous, but he thought the bandana was silly […]

New Stuff for the Boys

Today we (not the dogs) went out for dinner. There happened to be a pet store in the plaza, so of course I had to stop in. It wasn’t anything special, but I still picked up a few things for them (and I almost picked up a kitten too!)

To start I got them some […]

Photo Shoot Part Deux

I had the boys outside today enjoying the nice weather. Since the lighting in our apartment does not lend itself to good pictures I was pumped to be able to get some nicer ones outdoors. I set Patrick up on the steps and got a few cute ones.

All Jack would do […]

Caption Contest – for the win!

4urpets had a wonderful caption contest and they named us one of the winners! We were awarded the “MERITORIOUS SERVICE TO THE CASE OF BLOGDOM AWARD!” – which in the words of the giver: “this award means nothing”. We are still excited though because it is our first blog award.

Perhaps I should do a […]

Patrick and his Treat Ball

I present to you Patrick and his Treat Ball:

I was trying to take some photos of him and all he wanted to do was play with this ball. He is pretty funny with it. Inside I have some Natural Balance Turkey Roll pieces that are too big to fall out of the […]