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The Park again

It was a beautiful day today so I opted to take the boys to the park. This time I chose to go to the Whitnall Park as it has grass and the dogs LOVE grass. The catch is there are always about 239847 dogs there, and some people’s concept of small or timid dogs seems […]


Patrick is supervising me while I make a special present for him. Please note, he is also guarding his (empty) kong from Jackson.

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone! Merry Christmas! We hope Santa was good to everyone!

In the holiday rush, I totally forget, on Dec 23 Jack has been with us for a whole year! That’s nuts! Here he is today fetching his Christmas rope:

Here he is as a puppy fetching his ball (probably close to exactly a […]

Nothing Much

They are so silly. One minute they are keeping each other warm in bed… …The next they will fight to the death over a decapitated lion toy. Nothing much to report here. It has been rainy and miserable, so we’ve been a bit cooped up. Work was actually going to get snow shipped in for […]

A little bit of perspective…

Jared was mentioning the other day how it is hard to relay the actual size of the boys. I tried to take some pictures that show their size in relation to common items.

#1, Patrick and the couch (taken today)!

#2, Patrick and the couch shortly after he came home.

#3, The boys […]