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Oh Hai!

Oh Hai! There everyone! Nothing much has been happening around here… same old! Work, eat, sleep, repeat! Hope everyone is doing well! We should get some new pictures this weekend hopefully!

How cold?

Hey folks – how is everyone?! It has been super low key here. The best news in the people below us moved out! So now it doesn’t matter how much the boys run and jump and wrestle, as we aren’t disturbing the folks downstairs! Yay!

Since I’ve been walking the boys more I’ve been […]

2009 so far.

2009 has been going well, all 4 days of it. The boys have been out every day, but as Jared points out, it only seems to make them more hyper! Does anyone remember the days when Jack was terrified to leave the apartment, and walking him was like torture?! Now I say “want to go […]

Happy New Year!

Woo hoo! January 1, 2009!

2008 was a great year in this household. Jared and I got married, we added Patrick to our house (Jack is technically 2007), I got my green card! Both of us have good jobs and we were healthy all year. There is not much to complain about at all!