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Groomer has it

I’m a total loser and I tivo Groomer Has It this season. Tonight’s episode had the groomers trimming their heaftier clients to look slimmer. That would never work for Jack as he barely has any fur. He needs a spray tan or something. Patrick doesn’t have to worry about his waistline… he is a bit […]

Another reason why Jack is weird…

Last night we were out looking for more rocks for Pedro. Jack showed his individuality. While most dogs pee on fire hydrants, Jack just likes to pee near them. He also squats. (Is that even a fire hydrant? I don’t know what it is!)


What I Want…

At Nuts for Mutts there was this vendor with amazing dog beds. Madison Avenue Mutts has really stylish beds that fit in with almost any home decor. Now that our house is larger, my goal is to have a place for the boys in every major room. I really like the Central Park Brown Bed. […]

Doesn’t smell like wet dogs here!

At Nuts for Mutts it was really sunny and I hadn’t thought to put any sunscreen on Patrick’s fair head. Luckily for me there were hundreds of booths with even more products for my money spending pleasure. I came across one booth . called Aroma Paws and they had all kinds of great smelling dog […]

Who doesn’t love awards?

To start with, Happy sent us the international bloggers badge!

Thank you Happy!

The Rule: The rules: 1. Linked to the person who tagged you. (DONE ABOVE – TWICE!) 2. Copy the image, rules and questionnaire. (DONE!) 3. Post in your blog. (OBVIOUSLY DONE!) 4. Answer the four questions. (SEE BELOW) 5. Pick 7 […]