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Blog Contests

Hey Guys!

Today is the deadline to sign up for Ike’s summer photo contest! You can check out the rules at his blog. He can also send him get well wishes because he has a sore eye. Poor guy, we know all about sore eyes!

There is a tongue sticking out contest at The Rocky […]

Public Service Announcement

Eat Your Vegetables!

Day in the Sun

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend and a happy Fathers’ Day! The weather here was wonderful, so the boys spent the day on the porch soaking in the sun (with their sunscreen!). This summer I will be driving a little girl to work everyday with me. Jack and Patrick will have to learn to love […]

My Guys are so cute!

Seriously you guys. I’m including the human guy in this one too. He got the new Iphone 3GS on Friday. He wanted to test the video quality, so he took a video of Patrick. Then, he made a youtube account and posted it. Check it out – Patrick isn’t on his best behaviour here but […]

Want to go for a walk?

Heck Yah Lady! Let's get this show on the road!