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Doesn’t smell like wet dogs here!

At Nuts for Mutts it was really sunny and I hadn’t thought to put any sunscreen on Patrick’s fair head.  Luckily for me there were hundreds of booths with even more products for my money spending pleasure.  I came across one booth .  called Aroma Paws and they had all kinds of great smelling dog products.  They make all natural, chemical free grooming products. I grabbed up the Fur Conditioner which has sunscreen in it.  When I first put it on, Patrick looked a little bit like a greaser, but I rubbed it in a bit better and there was no residue or anything. The best part was Patrick did not get a sunburn all day!

 I also got the Deodorizing Coat spray.  Jared is always complaining that the dogs smell like, well, dogs.  When they come home fromt he groomer they always smell amazing, so I was looking for something like that. I got the coconut papaya scent as that was more manly for the boys.  They smell so good they can’t stay away from each other!
They highly recommend the products too!

7 comments to Doesn’t smell like wet dogs here!

  • Hi, friends!
    Those products sound pawesome!
    My grandma always say I smell like…. a dog! Hmmm….
    I hope you are having a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry it has been so long since I’ve dropped by. I bet you would smell wonderful to me even without the doggy perfume.

    Hugz & Lickz

  • Awwww. they are so cute. Glad you got that sunscreen though, otherwise you might have a pink chi-hua-hua

    gussie d

  • Those are adorable pictures! They have the cutest faces.

  • My wife puts sunblock on Dennis but I’m not sure if it’s the coat conditioner kind. I will have to ask her!

  • Dawg sunscreen is a really great idea. Patrick is very fair and I can see how he would get burned. The cats in my dawg house get tan ears over the summer but they don’t burn. Very interesting post! That deoderizer sounds delicious but I’d probably try to rub it all off if my mom tried it on me (I’m a brat).


  • Sunscreen is a great idea! Dobby smells alright, but I bet that coconut papaya stuff smells great.

    The boys are as cute as ever!!

    S and D

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