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Summmer, here and gone!

Wow – summer went fast!
Jack did OK with the little girl, but she did not do well with dogs. So I just kept them locked up with the by every morning. Patrick would come up to her to kiss her and she would yell at him and insisted he was scratching her. He was a very good boy – so I just kept him away. Jack didn’t get that close, but he also didn’t really protest so I was happy.

The plants we potted are all dead. I am a HORRIBLE plant keeper. Does anyone have some good plant suggestions that are easy keepers and not poisonous to dogs?

Aside from that we didn’t really do a lot this summer. Relaxing and Chillaxing. Maybe now that my work schedule is winding down we will do some fun stuff. How was everyone’s summer?

Hope you are all having a safe and relaxing Labor Day!

8 comments to Summmer, here and gone!

  • You’re such good boys! That’s why I stay away from kids. LS is a plant killer too. Most of the plants died soon after she brings them home. But that didn’t stop her.

    Oh yes, I love to sleep on the hard floor and on the chair. Much cooler.

  • Hi little Guys…Glad you are having an OK summer. Tell your mom not to worry about the plants…Muzzer just sticks stuff in the gound and waits for it to die, but she says she has learned to love the challenge.


  • The only plants I can keep alive are cacti. :)

    Glad to hear your summer went well. Mine was fine up until a few weeks ago, but it’ll start getting better soon. Can’t wait to hear about the fun activities you do together this fall. And as always looking forward to more pictures of the ever adorable boys.

  • Oh so good to hear from you both! Mom let her plants on the patio die with this horrible heat wave we had and the fires going, she did not want to be spending any time outside at all! so only the lawn got watered!

  • Debra

    So glad to see you back, have been missing Jack and Patrick.

  • Hi, friends!
    Glad to know you are doing well!
    My grandma is a plant killer too!
    Kisses and hugs

  • Rambo

    Hi J & P,
    yes, summer went by fast and we didn’t even get to play with any of our friends. Heck, we didn’t get to TALK to any of our friends. Our G is always tooooooo busy.
    Glad to see you have returned to blogging.
    Rambo & MM

  • If you plant plants in the ground instead of planting them in pots, maintenance becomes much easier! That’s what our mum says. We know nothing about plants but their taste! Both of us love eating the grass above all.

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