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Oh Noes!

I can’t find my camera cord! Oh no!  This is especially upsetting because I have some good photos today.

We went to the local dog park for the first time today.  Against my inner voice I brought Jack along too.  He was SO GOOD.  He wasn’t mean, he didn’t park or growl at people or dogs.  He didn’t try to scare the children that came after him, and best of all he seemed to have some fun.  Patrick as always was super loving everything and everyone. He even had a love affair through the fence with a pitbull (I think?).

The park was great.  They have a small dog section and a big dog section.  For the first time ever all the small dogs were actually small and pretty docile.  The crazier dogs were all in the “all dog” section.  There was a grassy area, a dirt area and a shady area. The are pooper scoopers and a water spot for people and dogs. 

I was so happy with Jack!  Hopefully we will be making it back often!  Also I hope to ofind my camera cord!

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