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New Camera Cord – HAZZAH!

So, I never found the camera cord. Weirdest thing ever – I’ve even cleaned the house top to bottom looking for it. Either way, no luck. On Monday I broke down and ordered one. It was only $7 and I received it today! Can’t getmuch better than that. Nothing much to report here, so I’m just going to post come pictures because it has been a while! Hopefully everyone is doing well!


Jack - the fat sausage dog


Please, no pictures!


Patrick's friend from the dog park.


Jack - being friendly with a strange dog close by! yay progress!


Patty looking cute in the grass!


Doesn't he look like a puppy here? It is a current photo!


Waiting to go on a walk


Still not happy with pictures


In their favourite spot under the table.

11 comments to New Camera Cord – HAZZAH!

  • We missed y’all! good photos as usual..


  • Sweet! What kind of horse does your mom have?

  • Oops, just saw your other comment. I would say yes 100% that he will turn gray, except that this mare’s two previous foals didn’t turn gray, so I’m not sure if he will or not! :) Friesians are homozygous black, so he won’t get a gray gene from his sire, so if his dam isn’t homozygous gray (guessing she isn’t if two foals didn’t turn gray) then he has a 50% chance of not turning gray! It will just be a wait and see game. :)

    While he’s young I plan on clicker training him and just enjoying him. When he’s old enough to ride he’ll mainly be my trail horse because I love trail riding. If I save up enough money I’ll also have my dressage trainer start him in basic dressage, then hopefully with lessons (for both of us) we can progress together. I doubt I’ll compete with him though. I’m not much for getting up in front of a crowd. And it’s been three years since I had lessons. It’ll be another three before he’s old enough to start. :)

    Thanks for your comment. Hope I didn’t go overboard with my answer! I’m just so proud of him.

  • Welcome back! And of course now that you bought a replacement cord, the original will turn up tomorrow.

  • Debra

    Yay!!!! new pics of the boys…you guys have been missed.

  • We missed you so much! Glad to see you back on the blog. The last photo is so adorable!

  • Hi boys – great to have you back! We really missed you! Now that you have your new camera cord, you have to post lots and lots of pictures! (and I’ll bet your human will find the old cord now as well – that’s well always happens to my human! 😉 )

    honey the great Dane

  • Glad your mom has a new camera cord so we can see lots of pictures of you two!
    Kisses and hugs

  • Sure have missed looking at your handsome pictures! Glad you’ve got a new cord. Both Jack and Patrick look so cute underneath the table. Must be very comfy there.

  • So glad you all are back! That stinks about the camera cord but at least you got one for a minimal price. We have certainly missed seeing those handsome boys of yours!

  • Nice to see you posting again. Great photos! Your pups are so cute.

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