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Feeding Schedule Fail

We are trying to put the dogs on a feeding schedule. We’ve been having bathroom issues lately (mainly, that they feel the carpet is their’s to pee on – jerks!) and Jack is fat. The easiest way to control both of these is to implement a food and water schedule. It seemed easy enough. Apparently two years of eating and drinking whenever they want has made a schedule confusing.

Poor Fat Jack - Schedules Suck!

We put the food and water down and leave them locked up with it for 30mins. They don’t get it. They aren’t eating nearly as much as they were before. I suppose this is good as Jack is fat – but it worries me. However, I don’t believe that they would starve themselves. Hopefully they catch on soon.

How do you guys eat? Free feed, on a schedule, auto feeder, from the table?

8 comments to Feeding Schedule Fail

  • I eat 3 times a day.
    Breakfast – kibble – in 30 seconds
    Lunch – veggies – in 30 seconds
    Dinner – kibble – in 30 seconds
    As you can see… I don’t have eating disorders!
    Good luck with your schedule!
    Kisses and hugs

  • We get “fed” twice a day, but when muzzer is home for lunch, we have access to any of our leftover kibble at that time. Teka gets about a cup a day total, but doesn’t always eat that much. I get about a cup and a 1/3, and I am still hungry. We have water down all the time. It comes from living in Azrizona so long, I guess. But we have camel bladders (when we want to) and we do have access to the yard through the puppy door.


  • I fill Storm’s bowl in the morning and leave her’s out all day because she limits herself well. In fact she could use a little extra weight, but I like my dogs slender. Jackal on the other hand being half Beagle eats anything he can fit in his mouth so he gets fed twice a day. Luckily he’s well trained enough he knows not to eat Storm’s food. :) A feeding schedule will be really good for them and they will figure it out I promise. :) Good luck!

  • My wife feeds our guys on a schedule — at the moment, once per day. Tucker gets some extra food during the day as a pill delivery system. Trouble the kitty gets fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

  • I feed Bentley and Lexi on a schedule. They get 1/8 cup each twice per day. We feed them in the morning before leaving for work and in the evening when we return home from work. We have to stay on schedule as much as possible because they will get hypoglycemic if they get their breakfast or dinner late. I keep Nutrical on hand as well just in case their blood sugar drops in between feedings. I check their gums frequently for signs of this.

    If we give them treats we take the equivalent out of their food to keep their weight from fluctuating. I do think a schedule is best for two reasons: 1) to keep them both a healthy weight and make sure they are eating enough but not too much or too little and 2) to establish leadership. The “pack leader” controls the food so free-feeding in essence can send the message that the pups controls the food! We free-fed Tiny but, after research and an urging by our vet, we put B&L on a schedule.

    Good luck! They WILL catch on eventually. When they get hungry enough they will eat and they will learn the schedule soon, I’m sure.

  • Free feed but we have to make the same adjustments you have starting next month. I don’t know that there is an easy way now that they are used to free feeding. Wish us both luck! :)

  • I feed them twice a day. A cup each in the morning and Baily gets a cup and night while Mesa gets 1.5-2 depending on her activity. My husband feeds them two cups each and each meal and then wonders why they don’t eat it all…

  • My two can easily get overweight so I’m quite strict with them and managed to keep their weight at healthy levels after a few appointments with the vet who told us they have to lose 1-2 pounds each.

    I switched to lower calorie (weight control) food and they eat about 1/2 cup, twice per day for breakfast and dinner. At noon, as part of training, they get some treats which are usually small bits of my apple or pear fruit. So nothing high calorie here.

    At night after grooming, they get one small Milk Bone each and once per week, I sub a Pedigree dental stick.

    Weighing them at regular intervals have resulted in good weight, not too heavy and not too light for this regime.

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