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Sunday – Wrap up

So the feeding schedule is going OK.  They get 1/4 cup each in the morning and the same at night.  However, they weren’t eating when I would put the food down.  Patrick visibly lost weight so I caved a little bit.  I still have them on the schedule but I mix in a little bit of plain yogurt and now they devour the food.  I’m very pleased and no longer worried.

On our walk today we hit a new grassy area.  Previously this area had just been a round ring of dirt and Jack was very pleased with the grass!

13 comments to Sunday – Wrap up

  • yes, he does look pleased with it. Almost like it was his idea.


  • Glad you are eating well now! The yogurt always works!
    Sure you liked your grassy area!
    Kisses and hugs

  • glad to hear you are feeling better about your schedule. looks like you found a nice place to play

  • I remember when my little girl was a VERY picky eater when she was a puppy. I had to feed her a few nuggets at a time to get her interested. Of course, I didn’t want to encourage this bad habit. So if she didn’t want to eat, I would take away the food hoping that she will be hungry enough next feeding. Sometimes this worked. But I started to try out different brands of food. Finally, got one that she seemed to really like. Time went on and switched foods for weight reasons for her brother and now she eats just fine twice per day. She is actually looking forward to each meal now. A bit slower eater than her brother who usually just inhales everything.

  • That is such a cute video! They are adorable!!

  • Hi Jackson & Patrick,

    It’s great that you found a new place where you can run freely on the grass without getting muddy!


  • HI Guys – great to hear that you’re eating better! By the way, wanted to say thanks so much for posting your “year in review” slideshow as it was a great idea and gave my human the inspiration to do something similar for me! 😀 Come over and check it out on my blog when you’re free!

    Honey the Great Dane

  • Hiya you two! Glad to hear you’re eating better. I’m a fussy eater too. Great video of you there.

  • Love the video. WHEEEEEEE!!!

  • Debra

    Glad the feeding is going good. Draco is a real picky eater also. I am going to try the yogurt trick. The boys are looking good.

  • Watching the two of you play, my mom really thinks we need another dawg for me to play with. I really miss my brother Ziggy…


  • Here we are in July! I can’t believe it. Well, we did get another dawg. We adopted Sonny from a shelter in Arkansas. He’s, ummmmm, well, a handful! He is Leah’s dawg and they’re like 2 peas in a pod. Leah says when she moves out next year Sonny is going with her. We’ll see. In the mean time, my mom & dad are in the process of breaking him of the bad habits he learned without discipline during his first 2 years. Stop by and have a look. I haven’t been posting much because my mom has blogger burnout but we think of you!


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