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Sunday Silver Screen

Hey All!  We got a Flip video camera for Christmas.  Funny enough Jared thought it would be best to test it out on Patrick (they have a special bond).  And then I made a short video of the local dog park.  So, I’ve decided it is going to be Sunday Silver Screen from now on.  Hopefully it will give me reason to post a bit more regularly!  Everyone should participate I’ve decided!  ANYWAYS! Here are the videos!

Under the tree

I hope that you all have something under your tree just as nice!

Happy Holidays



I SUCK at keeping current. How was everyone’s thanksgiving?  We had a really good turkey of which the dogs get very little.  Jack is fat, and I don’t like to give one treats and not the other.

I got a new Iphone which means lots more poor quality pictures and videos! Yay…(or not!) Here’s a sampling for you:

Jack is so slow that Patrick can take the LONG way and still keep up.

Working on our recall – Jack is still slow.

I love watching Jack run – he tries to get all low and dynamic, but its just not in the cards for him.

Jared getting mad that I’m taking incriminating photos of him adoring his Patty-Cakes…

Jared and Patrick

Jared and Patrick

Happy Howloween!

Hey Guys,

How will you be spending halloween? We will be at home handing out candy to this kids. Well, more likely I will hand out candy to the kids and the dogs will be upstairs with their dad. All three are not very fond of kids. Perhaps I will make Patrick participate. We’ll see. Either way, the boys will be dressed in their Halloween best!


Patrick - the little devil


Jack - the little monster


Why do you do this to us?